Bayerngas Norge

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Our strategy

All countries face pressure from voters who want affordable energy to power their lives and a clean environment to sustain their lives.

This is the strategic backdrop for any energy company. Bayerngas Norge is an integrated part of the value chain of the shareholding companies. As such, focus is on production-driven value creation rather than short term profit.

The perspective is long-term and includes activities across the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. Bayerngas Norge will focus on gas partly for security of supplies to the shareholding companies and partly based on the assessment that gas will continue to be a profitable commodity with less greenhouse emissions than alternative hydrocarbon alternatives. Bayerngas Norge will grow organically through participation in license rounds, through optimisation of portfolio and through acquisitions.

Bayerngas Norge has a highly competent staff capable of participation in license rounds in Norway, the UK and Denmark and with sufficient capabilities to operate own licenses and contribute actively in licenses with other operators

The company is operator in the exploration phase in Norway and the UK and will develop the organization from both a competence and capacity point of view to be operator also in the development and production phases.

Bayerngas takes an active role as partner in the development projects in Norway, UK and Denmark in order to support the operators in a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly way and fulfilling their projects.

The long-term perspective of Bayerngas Norge implies that the organization aims to be self-sufficient in all areas of key competence and aims to use consultants only for time-limited tasks or tasks where special competence is needed for a limited period.

Bayerngas Norge will initiate activities to further develop a competitive, competent and innovative organization through training programs and participation in external seminars and conferences. Bayerngas Norge will promote activities aimed to keep employees healthy and motivated.