Bayerngas Norge

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Our values


Bayerngas Norge is focused on long-term growth of existing business. Our owners are all regional gas suppliers and municipal utility companies in Germany and Austria. Their primary objective is securing energy supplies to their customers. This gives Bayerngas Norge a long-term approach rather than focusing on short term profit maximisation.

Our aim is sustainable development. This is why our shareholding companies invest heavily in renewable energy like wind and solar at the same time as they invest heavily in gas. They aim to reduce CO2 emissions without putting the energy supply situations in Europe at risk.


Bayerngas Norge believes well informed employees produce better results. We therefore strive to make information available to employees and we share information across professional domains. We have an open door policy encouraging employees to communicate and discuss. We aim to be as open as possible in our dialogue with all key stakeholders, and amongst ourselves. We keep a casual tone between colleagues, and strive to share expertise and knowledge with business partners, governmental bodies and the media in the best way possible.
Our website is a vital part of our interaction with our surroundings. Here you will find in-depth information about the company, news, market analyses, history of oil and gas, blog posts, a quiz – and much more.


We believe that maintaining a strong, long-term development on the continental shelf of Norway, Denmark and the UK depends on creativity. New discoveries, better and cheaper developments, increased production and safer operations often happen because new ideas have been forwarded or different models have been tested.

This is the backdrop in Bayerngas Norge. The company has room for new ideas in all aspects of the business. We encourage our employees to always move forward by asking the simplest of questions: Why?


Bayerngas Norge has seen a rapid expansion of activities. Since we got the first license in 2007, we have a sizable, strong and competent staff with licenses in Norway, Denmark and the UK. We have five fields in production and a daily production of 15 000 boe/d, we have three fields under development and three fields under development planning. We operate exploration licenses in Norway and the UK.

The ambition is sustainable and profitable growth. To do this we need to be successful in license rounds, in doing acquisitions and divestment, in project execution and project developments and  by continuing development of an organization suitable for our tasks.