Bayerngas Norge

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Bayerngas GmbH

Bayerngas GmbH is Germany’s largest municipal procurement company of natural gas. The Bayerngas group has about 250 employees and revenue was more than 2.4 billion euro in 2013. The company was founded in 1962 and its shareholders are five German public utility companies and an Austrian gas supplier.

A natural-gas expert

In 2012 Bayerngas GmbH celebrated its 50th anniversary. The company is firmly established as a key player in the German and European energy markets. In the context of today’s liberalized European gas market and its complex trading structures, Bayerngas GmbH provides professional expertise and services relating to procurement, sales and marketing, network access, transportation and storage. In short, the company acts as a gateway to the international gas procurement market, ensuring the best possible gas supply for its partners.

As a procurement platform involved in all parts of the value chain, Bayerngas GmbH participates in covering Germany’s energy demand. The company’s procurement activity is based on three pillars: gas trading, procurement from import companies or from producers in general and own exploration/production.

Important upstream in Norway

In 2012, Bayerngas GmbH sold 80 billion kilowatt hours of natural gas to its customers who include municipal shareholders as well as regional suppliers and industrial customers. The company aims to expand its business and position further in the European and German gas markets, by strengthening partnerships with customers in downstream markets as well as with producers and importers in the import and upstream segments. Bayerngas Norge is the key component for Bayerngas GmbH in the upstream market.

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