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Our social commitment

Sustainable development is a key concept in all Bayerngas activities. This also applies to our local community, relations between Germany and Norway and professional development. This is why we at the local level sponsor Røa Dynamite Girls, we sponsor the Wiily Brandt Foundation which aims to promote further relations between Germany and Norway and finally why we sponsor excavations at Svalbard.

Røa Dynamite Girls is the most successful female football club in Norway. Over the last years they have won the series four times and the cup finals five times. They share the same values as Bayerngas when they focus on team spirit, fair play, low cost and foster a winning culture. In the 2014 season Røa did much better than anticipated. The team is in a transition period with new young players coming into position. The ambition is to re-establish the club at the highets level. This will require talent, hard work, ambitions and patience. Bayerngas has renewned its sponsor agreement with Dynamite Girs and look forward to see them succeed in the years to come.

The Willy Brandt Foundation shall promote knowledge about culture, language, and social exchange between Germany and Norway. Bayerngas believes such knowledge is important for a lasting and good commercial relationship between the two nations.

The excavations at Svalbard is headed by the renown paleontologist Jørn Hurum from the University of Oslo. Each summer from 2004 a group of idealists have spent a part of their summer holidays at Svalbard to excavate animals never seen before. The excavations were finished in 2012 and the findings are now prepared at the museum in Oslo. Eventually we will see fossils of animals never seen before and new knowledge presented by doctoral candidates and master degree students.