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If we throw a vase

What I'm trying to say is this: think of the consequences before you do anything. Everything is connected, there is no point pretending that you have nothing to do with it Have you ever thought about that when you press your fingertips together, there is still space between them. It doesn't feel like it, but it is. Weird, isn't it? This morning when I woke up, I thought: What if this world is a small stone on a road, maybe in a roundabout considering the solar system. The future of us is a beautiful story about a girl and a boy who finds Facebook even before it's invented.

They can see them self fifteen years from then, and by just throwing a vase, the whole future is changed. If we destroy this planet, who knows what will happen to the rest of the universe. When I have been shopping and I'm tired, my legs hurts, and I missed the bus, that's when I call home to ask if they want to come and pick me up. That's a drive of half an hour, and I've already made one little mistake. I've contaminated. I understand that oil means money for Norway, but if we use to much oil now, what will happen in the future when there's nothing left? We'll still be able to drive electric cars, but what about plastic? Plastic is made of oil. They contain hydrocarbon in different shapes. We can only recycle plastic a couple of times before it's destroyed, and then we can burn it to create warmth. That might be useful, but after that, there’s nothing to do.

Mom actually has an electric car, even though it can't drive that far without loading along the way. If more people drive electric cars, maybe the universe has a chance. If more people starts thinking before they act, then maybe...

In 2011, the government in Norway gained 128 000 000 000 NKR. That's not just a lot of money. 65% of Eritrea's population is undernourished, and with our money, they could have been healthy and more well fed. Mom earns enough money each month so that we can eat exactly what we want until we're full. We throw the rest in the garbage, and even now there is more money left.

I watch a movie with my my friend and pay for her ticket to be nice. My little sister buys an ice cream machine, my stepsister a new dress, my stepdad a new computer, mum some new books, but the money haven't run out. Do you think that is fear? I do not. But I do want new clothes, and a new cellphone. I believe that it's harder to feel sorry for someone you haven't met. It is super important not to spill money on nothing, but it is also super easy for us in Norway. The money we get from the oil is our living outcome, so we need them. So if I had control over that money, I would still give some of them to us in Norway. But I would give most of them to those who need it more.

Thea, 10th grade