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23 March 2017

Award in 29th round in UK

The Bayerngas Norge subsidiary, Bayerngas Europe, has been offered a license covering blocks 210/4a, 210/5a, 210/5b, 210/9a & 210/10 in the UK 29th Licensing Round. The blocks awarded are situated in the Northern North Sea. The license partners are BP Exploration (Operator) with an 85%…

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17 July 2017

Centrica E&P og Bayerngas Norge AS slår seg sammen

Centrica Exploration & Production (E&P) og Bayerngas Norge AS er enige om å slå seg sammen til et nytt olje- og gasselskap. Centrica plc skal eie 69 prosent av det nye selskapet, mens Bayerngas Norges AS’ aksjonærer skal eie de resterende 31 prosentene.

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24 December 2016

Ivar Aasen first oil

Bayerngas Norge as partner in the Ivar Aasen field development project is pleased to be informed that production successfully started at 09:16 on the 24th of December 2016.

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13 December 2016

Cygnus first gas

As of 13.12.2016, Cygnus has started production. Engie writes that " 14:33 hrs UK time we started to export gas from our Cygnus facilities to Bacton. This is First Gas, a very significant milestone and we should all feel very proud of this achievement."

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03 September 2016

BGN Adventures Strandåtinden Traversen

The alarm clock goes off at 04:00. One by one the boys leave their comfortable beds at a very cosy cabin by the sea. They eat their heavy breakfast, composed of porridge, banana, chocolate, raisins and butter. Are they going to make it, Norway's third hardest mountain to climb? Is Olav Bakken going…

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20 May 2015

Holmenkollstafetten 2015

Saturday the 9th of May the 82nd Holmenkollstafetten was arranged, and by tradition Bayerngas was attending. Team Bayerngas BIL consisted of fifteen happy runners and two supportive reserves. 

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27 April 2015

Sponsorship for the Theatre for Youth at Bjørndal

In Bayerngas we have a system where employees engaged in local activities like charity work, work with children, team sports or other socially beneficial activities may apply for funds up to NOK 5 000. One sponsorship this year was for the Theatre for Youth at Bjørndal. This year they launched…

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19 February 2015

Økt oljepris: Ingen grunn til å sprette Champagnen enda

Lill Sandvik delte sine tanker om utviklingen i gass- og oljemarkedet på TV2 Økonominyhetene onsdag 19. februar. Oljeprisen har steget siden bunnivået tidligere i 2015, men de grunnleggende utfordringene er fortsatt tilstede. Overproduksjon av olje bidrar til at lagernivåene bygges opp, men prisen…

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