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Promising awards for Bayerngas in the UK

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The UK 28th Round awards have been partially announced. Bayerngas UK did very well.

Thursday 6th of November 2014, the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) offered the first phase of licence awards as part of the 28th offshore licensing round which closed for applications in April this year.

Bayerngas UK (BGUK) applied for seven exploration licenses in this round in all three areas where the company is currently actively exploring. In this first partial award, BGUK was awarded 4 licenses in total. The remainder blocks applied for are all awaiting award in the second phase after further environmental consultations.

In the East of Shetlands Area, BGUK was awarded blocks 211/1-2-3 as operator in a core area adjacent to the already operated P1639 license containing the Megan prospect and close to the Storm well currently in the drilling phase. This award represent significant protective acreage for BGUK in case of Megan drilling go-ahead or success with Storm.

BGUK was also awarded two licenses in the Central North Sea blocks 15/27b and 21/17d-18b  together with operator E.On and partner EDF Energy. Further blocks applied for in this very prolific and competitive area of the North Sea are still awaiting award in the second phase.

In the Southern Gas Basin, BGUK has so far been awarded blocks 48/1b & 2b in the Greater Babbage Area containing the Cobra discovery. A further four areas applied for in this sector are awaiting award in the second phase, including the Newton prospect, East of Breagh and Greater Cygnus area licenses.

This is a very good preliminary result for BGUK and a confirmation of the company's technical competence and ability to work efficiently within established partnerships to develop an attractive UK exploration portfolio.