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03 September 2016

BGN Adventures Strandåtinden Traversen

The alarm clock goes off at 04:00. One by one the boys leave their comfortable beds at a very cosy cabin by the sea. They eat their heavy breakfast, composed of porridge, banana, chocolate, raisins and butter. Are they going to make it, Norway's third hardest mountain to climb? Is Olav Bakken going…

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09 November 2015

First Lego League (FLL) final

FLL is a world-wide competition  for children at the age from 10 to 16 years. The purpose is to encourage children to study technology and science and become tomorrow’s engineers and scientists. In Scandinavia in 2014 865 teams, primarily from schools, participated. Globally more than…

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20 October 2015

The annual football match

The annual football match between Røa Dynamite Girls and Bayerngas took place at Røa stadium on Monday 19th October in a somewhat chilly, but fantastic autumn weather.

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20 May 2015

Holmenkollstafetten 2015

Saturday the 9th of May the 82nd Holmenkollstafetten was arranged, and by tradition Bayerngas was attending. Team Bayerngas BIL consisted of fifteen happy runners and two supportive reserves. 

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27 April 2015

Sponsorship for the Theatre for Youth at Bjørndal

In Bayerngas we have a system where employees engaged in local activities like charity work, work with children, team sports or other socially beneficial activities may apply for funds up to NOK 5 000. One sponsorship this year was for the Theatre for Youth at Bjørndal. This year they launched…

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29 May 2013

Field trip to Bordeaux May 2013

In the FORCE consortium three day field trip to Bordeaux in May 2013, the participants were given the opportunity to study the depositional environments of the Aquitaine basin in southwestern France at first hand.

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02 May 2013

Female Future Temamøte

Female Future er et karriereutviklingsprogram tilrettelagt for oljeindustrien. Programmet er utvikliet i samarbeid med NHO, og 20 kvinner fra oljebransjen deltar.

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20 December 2012

Øglebesøk i Bayerngas

Bayerngas har i 2012 vært en av hovedsponsorene for utgraving av øgler på Svalbard. Onsdag 19 desember kom lederen for utgravningene, Jørn Hurum, for å fortelle om hva de har funnet.

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04 September 2012

RWE Dea Cup

After months of neglecting practice the big evening was here: the yearly RWE Dea Cup. This year 18 teams were ready to play for honor and glory in the Valhall indoor arena.

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27 February 2012

My first months at Bayerngas Norge

Eventually my curiosity for learning even more about the more practical sides of reservoir engineering grew strong and I started to look for opportunitiesin an oil company.

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