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The annual football match

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The annual football match between Røa Dynamite Girls and Bayerngas took place at Røa stadium on Monday 19th October in a somewhat chilly, but fantastic autumn weather.

Røa Dynamite currently hold third place in the Norwegian top series, with a very good chance to end up on bronze place. Røa were the favourites of the game. However, Bayerngas had in the previous matches managed to play almost equal with them even though Røa had always ended up on top. It was therefore not totally unrealistic that Bayerngas this time should be able to beat Røa. Not least since the team had been strengthened with ambitious players from our neighbour Dana.

The challenge was that Røa, on this occasion, had decided to test their offensive capabilities. From their perspective the test went well. At the end they were in a comfortable lead of ten to nil. It was only after Bayerngas had strengthened their team even further with a lot of children at the age between 6 and 12, that they were able to score leaving the end result at 12 – 2.

We can only hope that next year Røa will test their defensive capabilities.

Bayerngas came back strongly at the following banquet where an excellent barbeque dinner was served by Feinschmecker and Thomas won a dinner for two at one of Oslo’s best restaurants.