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Increased gas use in Germany


German energy 1H16

Gas consumption has increased by nearly 7% while total energy is up by 1.6%.

In the first half this year, German gas use was up by nearly 7%, mainly due to higher consumption in electricity generation and cooler winter weather. German gas-fired power plants are making money for the first time in years and power plants exploit the cheap fuel.

The share of gas in the German energy mix increased to 23.5% in 1H16 from 20.3% in 2014. For the first time since 2009 gas has surpassed coal’s share in the energy mix.

Nuclear power is being phased out in Germany, but cheap coal and the renewables boom have limited the use of gas in the power sector. Gas consumption is hence still nearly 10% below the peak in 2006 and at the same level as in 1995 despite the increase this year.

German primary

Data: Arbeitsgemainschaft Energiebilanzen