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It’s the taking part that counts

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Saturday May 10th 2014 and the sun was finally shining (after a week of cold, wet weather) when the intrepid Bayerngas Norge ‘runners’ participated in the annual relay race – Holmenkollen Stafett.

With over 2500 teams completing the race, more than 35000 runners, 15 different legs, of varying length and steepness, start times throughout the day, road closures, and stretched transport systems the whole affair is a major achievement. Despite the clogged public transport, traffic jams, and a variety of other possible hindrances the Bayerngas team members achieved a minor miracle; everyone was at the right location, at the right time, to start their respective legs. With Niels getting us off to an amazing start, and the rest of us doing our best to live up to it, we completed the 15 legs in a very respectable time of 1:18:28. This gave us 707th place which may not seem impressive until you realise there were 1521 teams taking part in our category of ‘Mixed Team, mostly men’. We lived up to the mixed concept by having as mixed a team as possible; mixed ages (16 to 50++), mix of Bayerngas staff, mix of their friends and families and definitely mixed ability. However, the stafett really is about taking part more than winning and is one of the few occasions where runners of wildly varying size, age and shape run against each other, and ability is definitely less important than willingness to join in. So many thanks to everyone who turned out from Bayerngas (Niels, Andrea, Martin, Caroline, Solveig, Knut, Trine, Olav, Morten, Toralf) and especial thanks to the friends and family ‘extras’ (May-Lene, Kjetil, Ylja, Annica and Eira) whose participation meant nobody had to run two legs this year. We all had fun and I am certainly planning to do it again next year (I have a time to beat!). And finally I know I said it’s about taking part and not winning but it’s good to know we beat some of our ‘friends and foes’ including; Svenska petroleum, several Statoil teams, Talisman, Skatteetaten, Eni Norge, Schlumberger and my daughters team ☺

PS – extra thanks also due to Niels for organisation and post-run pølser and chocolate and especially the ‘sports drink’ (can we have the recipe?)!