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Is Europe in need of more Norwegian natural gas?

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Bayerngas Norge raised the question at a breakfast seminar today. Even though the panel did not agree upon all questions that were raised by Aslak Bonde, the moderator, no one objected to the fact that natural gas emits less carbon than coal.

“Nuclear or coal fired power plants works poorly together with renewable energy in a power system. Natural gas is more flexible, and hence better suited to complement renewable energy production,” Arne Westeng, Managing Director of Bayerngas Norge, stated.

The seminar took place at Litteraturhuset in Oslo and gathered an audience of around 60 people from Norwegian authorities, the oil and gas industry and Norwegian NGOs.
Nikolai Astrup, spokesperson on energy and climate issues in the Conservative Party, revealed that all top ten-carbon polluters in Europe in 2013 were coal and lignite power plants. The question of whether or not Norwegian exports of energy ought to increase, he left for the price mechanism and free market to decide.
The case of the German Energiewende was also part of the debate.

Cicero, a Norwegian Research Institute focusing on climate change, represented by Anne Therese Gullberg, said they believe natural gas is part of the solution. Still, Gullberg was reluctant to say Norway should provide Europe with more natural gas.

Janne Stene represented Bellona, a Norwegian NGO. She believe more energy efficient buildings will reduce overall gas consumption, and said policy efforts should focus on carbon neutral activities.

The seminar was a great success with a diversified group of participants and interesting arguments. Bayerngas Norge would like to thank Aslak Bonde, Nikolai Astrup, Anne Therese Gullberg and Janne Stene for making it happen by sharing their thoughts.