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Successful ski-weekend for Bayerngas employees and families

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This year's ski-weekend took place at Oset Høyfjellshotell at Gol 16th to 18th March.

More than 100 people participated and enjoyed nice weather, good food, pleasant company and a service minded and pleasant service.

People arrived at Oset around 1800 hours on Friday and gathered for dinner before a most entertaining and thought provoking causerie by Per Anders Nordengen.
On Saturday many wished to try out the skiing conditons. The area has the most fantastic terrain for cross country skiing and nice downhill slopes near by. Unfortunately lack of snow was a challenge and many found the tracks somewhat icy.

In the afternoon delicious lunch was served in a suitable lavvo and there were competitions and games for adults and children.



In the afternoon children were invited for a separate children's dinner with main focus on desert. With children well taken care of all adults were invited for a "State of the Nation" presentation by the managing director and a presentation of the company's new web-page.
A banquet took place in the hotel banqueting hall with the biggest private assembly of farmers antiquities in Norway.

On Sunday some enjoyed more skiing while others just recovered in the sunshine or took a swim in the hotel swimming pool.

Definitely a successful week-end contributing to the good team-spirit in the company!